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In addition to its use for aesthetic and decorative purposes, art has many different purposes. Even in antiquity, people expressed themselves by painting on cave walls. Today, art can be used effectively as a means of expression, in the fields of understanding ourselves, searching for meaning, personal development, self-empowerment and healing. In art diaries, we come across a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from the darkest sadness to the deepest trauma to the most enthusiastic triumph. This confirms that art is a powerful form of expression that allows inner experiences to be understood and clarified without using words. Also, it doesn't matter whether the person is talented or not. The important thing is that the person can express himself / herself freely.

Expressive therapeutic arts also start from here. Artistic images help us to understand who we are, express our unspoken feelings and thoughts, and enrich our lives through personal expression. Art therapy is a valid and effective treatment method and is suitable for self-understanding, emotional change and personal development.

Expressive therapeutic arts activities can be practiced with a wide variety of individuals and groups. For example, it is suitable for children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, addicts, seriously even terminally ill, war veterans, disabled people, vulnerable families, prisoners and individuals with a wide range of emotional problems. Because expressive therapeutic arts are an experiential and dynamic method, the best way to really understand it is to experience it.




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